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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Refund of registration charges will only be granted if a registrant has not yet viewed any of the webinar module, and cancels within 90 days of registration. An administrative fee of $60.00 per module will be retained. Cancellation and request for refund must be in writing, no phone call cancellations will be accepted. Please allow 7 to 10 business days to process your refund.


Due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of DVDs and material disclosed in this course, participants agree not to record any aspects of this information. Disregard of this clause would be considered a violation of the participant’s ethical behavior. Material and DVDs in this workshop may be emotionally intense for some participants. Releases for all DVDs are on file at Family Psychological Services, P.C..

Technical Requirements

adobe_connect_update_smallOur webinar presentations REQUIRE a high-speed broadband internet connection. You can pre-test your system at Adobe Connect by clicking here. To run the Connect app within your web browser, Adobe will install the Add-in plugin.

Adobe Connect REQUIRES the browser plugin FlashPlayer. Modern desktop or laptop computer web browsers come with this plugin already installed. It is a free download at adobe.com/flashplayer. Your BEST experience with Adobe Connect will be while using a desktop computer or laptop. Apple iOS devices and some other mobile devices do not support FlashPlayer, or it needs to be installed separately.

Webinar Problems

We reserve the right to post-pone and reschedule a live webinar presentation with unusually difficult technical issues which prevent Byron from teaching well or you from pleasantly learning.


The webinar presentations, handouts and all accompanying content are Copyright 2012-2015, Dr Byron Norton, Family Psychological Services. Webinars may not be saved or duplicated in any fashion. Disregard of this clause would be considered a violation of the participant’s ethical behavior.

“Experiential Play Therapy” and “EPT” are ® Registered Trademarks of the Center for Experiential Play Therapy and Family Psychological Services, PC. and may not be used to describe other play therapy approaches or training.


Upon registering for webinar programs provided by the Center for Experiential Play Therapy, participants agree to the Terms and Conditions herein.



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