Supervisor Level (EPT/S)

The supervisory level person has completed all requirements as a supervisor.  This includes ten hours of supervised supervision of EPT by an EPT Supervisor or Diplomate.  This person is also  an RPT/S with APT or a CPT-S with PTI (Play Therapy International).  In order to maintain their EPT/S designation this person is required to maintain six hours of EPT continuing education every three years.  These six hours of continuing education have to be provided by an EPT Supervisor or Diplomate.

Benefits for the EPT/S are:

  • Certificate of Endorsement by the Center for Experiential Play Therapy
  • Listed on the website sponsored by the Center for Experiential Play Therapy.
  • Access to lists of all EPT conference presentations and workshop trainings presented by an EPT/C, EPT/S or EPT/D..
  • Access to lists of all EPT journal articles and newsletter articles on a reference list on the EPT website.
  • Buy copyrighted materials from the Center for Experiential Play Therapy for trainings.

supervisor overviewRequirements for EPT/S

Must have met the requirements for EPT/C, and

Case Consultation Group
(At the first opportunity and every other month for two years)
(May be done concurrently with other modules)

This portion of the program provides 6 Academic Hours of advanced concepts in EPT, 5 hours of individual supervision, 20 hours of group supervision, and 50 hours of outside play therapy hours per year.

Practical Experience consisting of 10 hours supervision of the superviser training in Experiential Play Therapy. These 10 hours of supervision may be accomplished in a Case Consultation group, supervision of an intensive training, video reviewed supervision, or live supervision with an EPT/S or EPT/D.

Completed the Course:  Supervision of the Experiential Play Therapist providing 3 academic hours

Co-facilitate an intensive training with an EPT/S or EPT/D

Co-facilitation of an intensive provides 11 hours of academic instruction and 28 hours of supervised supervision.

The cost for the Supervision webinar  is $100.00

Case Consultation groups meet at various locations around the country and the cost per meeting (for 5 meetings a year) ranges from $200 to $250 depending on the location.

Additional requirement: RPT-S status from the Association for Play Therapy.



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