The Designation of Associate

The associate professional is an entrance level trainee in Experiential Play Therapy®.  This person has completed the basic foundations course in Experiential Play Therapy by a certified EPT Supervisor (EPT/S) or Diplomate (EPT/D).  This person may have a master’s degree or be in a graduate training program but without licensure and pursuing the minimum of thirty hours of direct supervisor in “Experiential Play Therapy” ®  from an EPT/Supervisor.

Benefits for the Associate are:

  • Access to the EPT website
  • Association with other EPT professionals
  • Identity with the Experiential Play Therapy Model.
  • Participate in the virtual chat
  • Certificate of Endorsement by the Center for Experiential Play Therapy, LLC.
  • Access to lists of all EPT conference presentations and workshop trainings presented by an EPT/C, EPT/S or EPT/D.
  • Access to lists of all EPT journal articles and newsletter articles on a reference list on the EPT website.
  • Listed on the website sponsored by the Center for Experiential Play Therapy, LLC

Educational and Experience Requirements:

associate overviewAssociate Level Requirements

Introduction to Experiential Play Therapy

Basic Workshop: Reaching Children Through Play Therapy
or the webinar series: Reaching Children Through Experiential Play Therapy (EPT)®
or a course in “Experiential Play Therapy” at an accredited university by an approved instructor. A minimum of 14 hours of academic instruction.


Webinar: The Symbolic Meaning of Toys in Experiential Play Therapy (EPT)®

Webinar: The Symbolic Meanings of Animals, Roles, and Environments in Experiential Play Therapy (EPT)®

Webinar: Testing for Protection and Dependency Stage in Experiential Play Therapy (EPT)®

Currently in supervision with an EPT/S

This course covers 23 hours on the basics of Experiential Play Therapy and requires a minimum of 5 hours with video (or observation) of an actual play therapy session.

The cost of this portion of the training is $600.00


EPT® is not responsible for play therapy sessions held prior to completing the Associate level (unless under the direct supervision of an EPT/S).  A person in this program cannot call themselves an Experiential Play Therapist
Therapist must complete the Associate level to be considered an EPT-in- training.

** Participants must be currently in supervision with an EPT/S and be working toward RPT certification in the Association for Play Therapy.



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