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Apply for experiential play therapy webinars and certifications through our website.
Current courses offered include:

Associate-level certification
This course covers 25 hours on the basics of Experiential Play Therapy and requires a minimum of 5 hours with video (or observation) of an actual play therapy session.

Therapist-level certification (EPT/C)
The therapist-level play therapy certification is subdivided into five (5) sections and covers 111 academic hours, 10 supervision hours and 57 individual supervision hours by a EPT supervisor or diplomate
** Prerequisite: Associate-level certification

Supervisor-level certification (EPT/S)
The supervisor-level play therapy certification deepens your knowledge of EPT by having applicants participate in case-consultations, additional academic hours, and intensive training.
** Prerequisite: Therapist-level certification

Diplomate-level certification (EPT/D)
The diplomate-level aims to expand ones knowledge of EPT. Diplomates must co-facilitate training sessions, have a published work on EPT, or teaching a graduate-level course on play therapy.
** Prerequisite: Supervisor-level certification

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