EPT5-Session4 – Rebirthing

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A child during play therapy fills a container with water. She selects three items to place in the water. One is a pacifier, the second is a baby crib, and the third is a turtle. This symbolism could mean in EPT that the child is ready to:

The child that would be most likely to play a re-birthing process is the one that:

In EPT, it is common for the therapist to ask about the pregnancy and delivery of a child, so that the therapist is attuned to the possibility of birthing play if were to emerge into the play.

EPT is a child-directed form of play therapy; therefore the child creates the play themes.

Which is NOT an assumption about the child who creates re-birthing play dynamics?

Toys commonly used by children as one moves toward regression to approach the re-birthing process are:

Children in the womb during the third trimester can have an implicit memory of the abuse their mother endured.

The case of “restrain” birthing in which Candice Newmaker died from smothering was performed in the city of:

Children remember the implicit memories of their disruptive birthing process as:

Which of the following animals would be associated with pre-orientation to the original birthing process?

The therapist wants the re-birthing process to end with a “first moment ritual,” for the child playing their birth.

“Q” in the video of re-birthing play, indicates that this play process was extremely personal for him by:

The process of re-birthing that is played out in a metaphorical form is capable of neurological change through the somatic re-experiencing of the process.

“Q” in the video, made his first indication that he was regressing by:

When a child has a disruptive birth process, the theme of the disruption fades away so that current stressors cover up that issue and it’s no longer affecting the child’s world view.

It is common for the child to assume a pre-natal or fetal position with their body as one is in the sequence of creating a birthing or re-birthing process.

One of the premises of EPT is that all children are in a process of seeking health or healing as they create the play process of re-birthing.

When explaining the birthing or re-birthing process to adoptive parents, caution and some orientation may be a consideration since some parents may have difficulty comprehending this concept with their adopted child.

Because the re-birthing concept is “out-of-the-box” thinking, some skeptical parents may think about another form of therapy rather than accepting something they can’t believe.

Re-birthing happens in the Dependency Stage of EPT.