EPT5-Session3- High Conflict DivorceConsultation with Parents of Children

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The EPT therapist can assess that a parent is not psychologically minded when:

The boy in the video felt rejection when his mother beat him in the card game.

When the boy in the video put on the ghost costume, he was conveying to his mother that she does not see him for who he is and he does not receive the value he seeks from her.

When presenting an overview of the EPT model to parents and the dominate parent disagrees with the concepts, the best way to handle the situation is to:

In EPT, if the therapist asks the parent if the child is displaying lying, stealing and cheating behavior, the next question should be:

When the mother in the video asked her son how many cards are in a deck, she was controlling him with content questions so that she could avoid her own emotionality.

The first sign of change in the mother was when she gave a compliment to her son that he was a natural.

The mother starts to create a task with the marbles, so the therapist said what statement to get the mother refocused:

The mother in this case was able to change because when she was led in the direction of her son’s needs, her son responded with attentive behavior until she disrupted this process with a task statement which the therapist redirected back to the relationship.

The most positive verbal statement made by the boy was:

The three necessary components of positive outcome in EPT are:

One of the purposes that the boy was trying to communicate to his mother was that he is a good athlete and wanted his mother to appreciate this skill.

One reason the mother was so slow in attending to her son was that she is distractible and focused in other directions of her life.

We want to know the history of the presenting problem because:

EPT is more effective when parents (caregivers) are involved more directly in the therapeutic process.

The parent with the most control over the child has the best chance for positive outcome in EPT.

At intake, many parents usually view the child by their child’s behavior rather than by the stressors affecting the child.

According to the lecture, “CDCD” parents are parents who parent by using which dynamics:

Some parents defeat the positive outcome of play therapy because their issues of changing are greater than the capacity of the child to change.

A motto of EPT is “Children don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”