EPT10-Session-8 – Bop Bag

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Every playroom should have two bop bags in it so that one represents the child’s mother and the other represents the child’s father.

When using the bop bag in EPT, the beginning play therapist needs to:

The best type of bop bag is one with Captain America on it because it symbolizes truth, justice, and the family way of life.

The child who would bite the bop bag is most likely saying to the EPT therapist:

The main purpose of the bop bag is to show aggression so the child can experience destructive power.

A child is pushing the bop bag into the corner of the playroom with a gun to its mouth. The most appropriate response to this child, according to EPT would be:

The manner in which a child confronts the bop bag indicates, in some ways, the developmental stage of the child about the onset and duration of the issues.

The bop bag can elicit intense reactions from a child, some to the degree that a child will dissociate as they confront the representative object.

When a child confronts the bop bag repeatedly in a specific area of the bop bag’s body, it means, in EPT perspective, that:

When a child kicks the bop bag in the back several times and as he walks toward the bop bag to kick it again, he rubs his back in the same spot on his body, it most likely means:

The common theme of the three boys playing with the bop bag is:

A child taps the bop bag lightly with the back of his hand as he explores the playroom. To the EPT therapist this means:

The child draws the face of a bearded man with a scar on his forehead on the bop bag. He takes the baseball bat and hits the bop bag in the face several times. In EPT this most likely means:

The best way to stop the expression of aggressive behavior in the playroom is not to have a bop bag in the room.

Projection of emotional content by a child on to the bop bag is a therapeutic myth.

The best image on the surface of a bop bag is:

The primary use of the bop bag in EPT is to help the child externalize the pent up emotional energy that cannot be expressed in the child’s reality world.

The play therapist must encourage the child to use the bop bag so that the child’s aggressive tendencies are exposed early in the therapeutic play process.

When a child focuses on the bop bag as the representational toy of some relationship and demonstrates aggression, it is usually a significant relationship that has degraded the child in a significant manner.

In the process of confronting the bop bag, the child deflates the bop bag to be flat on the floor. In EPT, this would most likely mean: