EPT10-Session-7 – Borderline Parents

Welcome to your EPT10-Session-7 - Borderline Parents

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Which is a characteristic theme of the borderline personality disorder (BPD):

A common form of discipline by borderline mothers is to become enraged and assaulting the child physically.

Children of a borderline parent do much better in school because their internal arousal keeps them focused on the topics of the teacher.

Children of borderlines in EPT are most likely to behave in which manner:

The major research finding on factors that contribute to borderline’s history is:

The major defense mechanisms characteristic of the borderline personality are:

What the borderline feels in the immediate moment of rage is all consuming with no ability to view other perspectives.

Which is NOT a statement a borderline parent would make to a child in a state of rejection:

In the parenting role, the borderline parent uses which dynamics to control their child’s perceptions:

Borderlines move between engulfing their child and rejection their child causing the children to have a confused identity and mistrusting relationships.

Which is NOT a dynamic associated with borderline functioning:

Children of BPD parents struggle in EPT with the issue of liking their therapist and having their parent resent that close relationship.

The most influential dynamic that the borderline mother interrupts for her child is the development of a para-sympathetic nervous system that provides for comforting and regulation of the child’s sensations and emotions.

In the play process in EPT, the child of a borderline, will play which dynamic:

Children of borderline mothers in EPT are likely to identify the negative relationship with their mother’s dynamic by making the fear object which types of puppets:

The child in the videotape indicated somatic signs of trauma in his body by dancing after shooting the bop bag.

Borderline fathers who remain in the family and raise the child are about 83% likely to be domestic violators.

The chances are 10% that a person in your extended family is a borderline personality.

The boy in the videotape was placing dynamite on the body of the “mother figure” therapist because:

The boy in the videotape has a positive prognosis because he was striving to use “soothe” responses to ground himself when he was over stimulated by the discharge expression.