EPT10-Session-4 – Symbolic Meanings of Toys

Welcome to your EPT10-Session-4 - Symbolic Meanings of Toys

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Which is NOT true about the meaning of toys for children in EPT:

The problem with board games is that children cheat to win.

The toys most often used by children from domestic violent family situations are:

A girl plays baseball and wants to hit the ball as hard as she can and score several runs. According to EPT metaphors, the underlying theme that fists best is:

A girl takes a picture of the therapist’s crotch and then throws the camera down on the floor and kicks it as hard as she can. As the therapist you would most likely be assuming which metaphor:

When a child plays with marbles and moves them around on the floor, the best representation of the meaning of the play would be:

In EPT the medical kit most likely represents:

Sand is for the sand box only.

All broken toys should be immediately removed from the playroom immediately.

Sharks, alligators, wolves, grizzle bears, and snakes in EPT are:

A child using a knife as opposed to using a gun in EPT would most likely indicate:

Guns should not be used in play therapy because they create violence in children.

When a child creates a play sequence, there is most likely one item that represents the child as a self-object.

Toys that would have a metaphorical meaning to convey a sense of hope would be:

Toys have absolute meanings and anytime a child plays with a toy, the therapist knows exactly what the metaphor is for that child.

The process by which the child incorporates a toy into the play is an additional expansion of the meaning of that toy.

Play process in play therapy is the same as play in other settings i.e., home or on the playground.

Super heroes do not belong in the playroom because they give the child a false sense of power.

The bigger the toy, the better the toy is for the playroom.

In the play process, gross motor expression by a child is more emotionally and intrapsychically expressive then fine motor movements.