Reaching Children Through Play Therapy

Workshop or Webinar Series

LoginIntroduction to Experiential Play Therapy

Based on the influential pioneering book, Reaching Children Through Play Therapy, this introduction covers a broad range of topics fundamental to Experiential Play Therapy.

An excellent introduction to EPT for counselors and case workers, but also an in-depth refresher for licensed play therapists. You won’t want to miss the teaching insights by Dr. Byron Norton as he walks us through the main issues affecting play therapy. The teachings are punctuated with detailed review of video from several instructive play sessions. The 5 sessions, 3 hours each, were recently updated and present a detailed overview of key concepts.

Session 1
Topics covered:

  • Philosophy and Assumptions of Experiential Play Therapy
  • The Beginning Processes of Experiential Play Therapy

Session 2
Topics covered:

  • Toys: The Tools of the Play Therapist
  • Client Disorder Appropriate for Experiential Play Therapy

Session 3
Topics covered:

  • How Children Personalize Expression with Toys
  • The Dependency Stage in Play Therapy
  • The Process of Play Therapy with Traumatized Children

Session 4
Topics covered:

  • Metaphorical Expressions of Traumatized Children
  • Characteristics of the Play of Sexually Abused Children

Session 5
Topics covered:

  • Dynamics of Play Therapy for Children who have endured Domestic Violence
  • Somatic Expression of Trauma in Experiential Play Therapy
  • Therapeutic Growth Stage of Experiential Play Therapy
  • Termination Issues in Play Therapy

Additional webinars in the Associate or Therapist lesson plans which have similar titles take that topic and explore it in greater depth, and present new video to illustrate key concepts.