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photo_1_finalExperiential Play Therapy® is a model of play therapy with a strong belief in the child’s quest for health. Only the child knows their particular perceptions of their life’s dilemmas. Therefore, in Experiential Play Therapy, the child is allowed to be the director of the play. In that process, they will utilize toys and their own creativity to recreate their experience in an environment that enables them to approach their struggles so that they are able to regain the power that has been lost in the actual event or environment. The therapist becomes a partner in the child’s quest, assuming whatever role the child requests. This play is active, as the child and therapist use body movements to expel the stress of the experience and empower the child to move forward.

Experiential Play Therapy Certification Program

Center for Experiential Play TherapyMission Statement:

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of training and supervision in Experiential Play Therapy.  We believe in the honor of every child and that each one has the right to the highest quality trained professional available to them.   Graduates of this program will possess a thorough knowledge of the Experiential model of Play Therapy.  They will be proficient at implementing its principles in the clinical setting and will be expert at teaching the model to others through practical or theoretical modalities.


The purpose of the certification program is to ensure the quality of the professionals who are practicing and teaching “Experiential Play Therapy®”.  The designations of the program will denote individuals who have met rigorous criteria in their extensive training in “Experiential Play Therapy” ™.

The various levels of Experiential Play Therapists

more infoThe beginning level of designation is the Associate level. This is for the person who is relatively new to the model and has recently begun to study it. It offers them a chance to network with professionals who are more experienced in their training and practice.  After the initial introductory levels comes the EPT/C Therapist level. This requires the person to take a more in-depth study of the model, recognizing the importance of metaphorical expressions of the child and the challenges the child has faced. Attaining this level involves a strong commitment to study the model. With a firm foundation in the theory of Experiential Play Therapy®, the person may then wish to advance to the next level of professionalism. This would involve observing and applying the practical aspects of interacting with the child, as well as beginning to facilitate others in their pursuit of learning about the model. This is the EPT/S Supervisor level. The highest  level of attainment is the EPT/D Diplomate. This person is one who advances the model through presentations, publications and/or research.



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