Upload Your Documents

Participants registering for our programs, or those applying for grandparenting status with the Center for Experiential Play Therapy, can upload their documentation from this page.

Please rename your documents to conform to the following naming convention:

Document Name – Date (month,day,year)

For example: College Transcript-100215

When uploading the file, you will enter your full name, and Dropbox will append it to the file.

The final file becomes: Betty White – College Transcript-100215

You must enter your name and email address to upload documents.

You will have the opportunity to upload multiple documents at once, so get organized before beginning and save yourself time. Do NOT upload .zip files, they will be rejected. Upload individual files.

Please select the folder which corresponds with your LAST NAME.










You will receive an email confirmation listing the documents you have uploaded.

No person other than Dr. Carol Norton will be able to view or read your documents, this is a secure upload to a private folder at the online service Dropbox.