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Grandparenting InformationExperiential Play Therapy (EPT) is a model of play therapy which allows the child to communicate their perceptions of their world to the therapist through dramatic play. The child leads the play, as only that child knows the experience and the impact it had on them. At the child’s invitation, the therapist plays with the child in whatever role the child requests. Often the child will utilize associations and metaphors to maintain enough emotional distance so that the recapitulation does not overwhelm them. The child’s play will progress through predictable stages to the point of termination.

So that training in Experiential Play Therapy can be made available to more people easily, the Center for Experiential Play Therapy has recently been established.

For those of you who are interested in Experiential Play Therapy (EPT) and wish to learn more or to be a trainer of EPT, we have established a certification program whereby you can accomplish that goal.

Accordian GirlCertification Designations

Various levels of training are available:  Beginning with the Associate level, then moving to the Therapist, Supervisor and Diplomate levels. Indeed, it is the Supervisors and Diplomates who will do the bulk of the training, while the Associates are the beginners and the Therapists are the practitioners. Of course, many practitioners will be training interns, as well.  As a Supervisor and Diplomate, you will be able to take others through the training program and guide them toward their own designations.

The Therapist and Supervisor designations coordinate with an associated designation of the Association for Play Therapy and credits earned through the Center for Experiential Play Therapy may be applied toward the RPT and RPT/S status with APT.

Grandparenting Programs

During this initial period, we will be offering a grandparenting period. Some of you have already participated in several of our trainings and may easily qualify for grandparenting. Please visit our website at www.experientialplaytherapy.com to learn more.

Center for Experiential Play Therapy