Training Login

The following link will take you to the secure home page for our webinar training. Please use the password you received in the Invitation Email after registering. Be sure to use the same email address you registered with.



Technical Reminders

Our webinars are presented in Adobe Connect. The online training REQUIRES a broadband internet connection. Your BEST experience with Adobe Connect will be while using a desktop or laptop computer, with a wired ethernet cable connection.

Connect Add-in: The Add-in will be installed the first time you login to Connect, or when you run the system-test, say “yes” if it asks your permission. The Add-in plugin allows Connect to run within your web browser.

System Pre-Test: You can pre-test your system compatibility by clicking here.

Here is another way to test your internet connection speed:

Do NOT change your password at Adobe Connect. That would be bad for you.

Speakers or headphones are required to listen to the webinars. Noisy environments will make it difficult to hear the children speak.

Adobe Flashplayer

Adobe Connect REQUIRES the browser plugin FlashPlayer. Modern desktop or laptop computer web browsers come with this plugin already installed. It is a free download at Apple iOS devices and some other mobile devices do not support FlashPlayer, or it needs to be installed separately.

Firefox may ask you to confirm your use of Flashplayer. You can either allow the use, or select a different web browser.

Technical Support

For username or password issues, please email the webinar support person at nortonplaytherapy {*at*} We are available Monday – Friday. Your username will always be the email address you used to register at RegOnline.

For login help, Add-in, or other issues with Adobe Connect, please see the information on the System Pre-Test web page.

Helpful Hint: The quickest way to solve a login issue at Connect is to download and use a different web browser. Recommended browsers include Safari, Firefox, Explorer and Opera. Google Chrome has a couple known issues with Connect and is not recommended at this time.

Grade Me

After you take the Exam Professor quiz, be sure to click on the Grade Me button to complete the test.




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