Reaching children through play therapy Quiz 2

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In Experiential Play Therapy (EPT), play is a right-brain neurological process, language is a left-brain neurological process; therefore, children cannot change unless all interventions are delivered using language and cognitive methods.

Children can convey experiences beyond their language capacity through metaphorical expressions.

What are the five stages of EPT?

In the Testing-for-Protection Stage of EPT, children are:

In the Dependency Stage of EPT, the child will;

Children who do not explore the playroom or develop a relationship with the therapist during the Exploratory Stage, but immediately go into “trauma play” are indicating that the situation being expressed is a current dynamic of the child’s life.

Which statement is NOT true about toys used by children in play therapy?

Regression on the part of the child during EPT means the child has immaturity issues and should be limited to age appropriate toys to express this deficiency.

According to EPT, level 2 of the honoring process is all the characteristics of level 1 plus protection, security, and safety of the child as s/he progresses through the Dependency Stage of EPT.

ccording to EPT, which is NOT a role that children place the therapist in as they progress through the Dependency Stage?

The number one symbol of healing in the universe is the Earth

A toy becomes a self-object when:

The only way for a young child to express a feeling in therapy is to talk to the therapist about the feeling.

Common ways that older children (6-9) might express a regressive issue is to:

In fantasy play, the child owns the energy and can direct the therapist to act “mean” toward the child, in a metaphorical process, so that the child can solve the issue with fantasy power to begin the change process.

In EPT, it takes a minimum of two play therapy sessions for a play therapist to gain enough trust with the child for the child to move into deeper levels of therapy.

In EPT, we know that the abuse a child is experiencing is current when:

When a child in EPT plays being attacked by an alligator and jumps into an airplane and flies away, this would tend to mean:

EPT enters the emotional world of the child at a deeper level than many forms of play therapy because children communicate emotions, fears, anxieties, and sensations through metaphorical and physiological expressions that are identified by the EPT therapist.

Children do not lie in metaphorical expression because a child can only communicate their personal experience in the metaphor.