EPT10-Session-9 – Domestic Violence

Welcome to your EPT10-Session-9 - Domestic Violence

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In EPT, the bop bag is the most common toy selected by boys who have endured domestic violence in their homes.

The four most common issues that trigger the offender into a rage state are:

In EPT, a sign of domestic violence in dollhouse play is:

Eighteen million children are victims (witnesses) of domestic violence each year in the USA.

Which grouping best describes the domestic offender’s attitudes?

The basic premise of domestic violence is an emotionally abusive relationship.

According to neurobiology, a child watching an offender violate the child’s mother will cause brain damage to the child’s neurological system.

In EPT, the dollhouse is the most common toy selected by girls who have endured domestic violence in their homes.

One of the most crucial dynamics for positive outcome for domestic violated children in EPT is:

Who said, “The most dangerous place in America for young children is in their family at home.”

In domestic violence situations:

Which behavior would be most commonly expressed by a child who has domestic violence in their family?

In EPT, which dynamic is NOT a theme in children who have endured domestic violence?

Mothers are the perpetrator of domestic violence in 37% of the cases.

When an offender calls his spouse a “bitch,” which of the following will not occur:

When children do not see the actual assault of domestic violence, it has less effect upon their emotional distress.

In EPT, children as young as two years old can play the dynamics of the “cycle of abuse” in their play.

Boys who identity with their battering fathers tend to be more disrespectful and defiant toward their mothers and younger sisters.

Mothers in domestic violent situations are more likely to be bipolar as a result of the battering.

When in early EPT, children from domestic violent situations will most likely NOT play which behaviors: