Reaching children through play therapy Quiz 4

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One of the characteristics of sexually abused children is total avoidance of the sandbox because any tactile sensations cause memories to occur that are out of their control.

The EPT therapist should never touch a sexually abused child at any time during the therapy process because the child will read the touch as sexual advances and will feel re-traumatized.

Which statement would NOT fit the assumptions of EPT in regards to metaphorical expressions of children?

Which of the following is NOT an example of a somatic memory being express by a child?

The sequence of the Norton’s four S’s of trauma expression in EPT is:

In EPT, when a child, in fastasy play, shoots the therapist with a gun and has the therapist immediately wake up so that he can shoot again, :

The content style of play a therapist engages in EPT should not be played in any context other than a therapeutic environment with an intake, treatment plan, and diagnosis in place.

Play in EPT:

To a traumatized child, fantasy play is viewed as disguised reality experiences.

In EPT, the belief is that children have an innate capacity to strive toward healing. However, the child requires:

The major hurtle in EPT is to encourage the child to engage in trauma play.

Which is NOT a dynamic of EPT:

In fantasy play, the EPT therapist does not use the child’s name because it invades the child’s defense system.

The goal of the EPT process is to change the child’s behavior so that the child’s attitudes will change.

A child asks for a tub of water during a play therapy session. The child places a baby inside an empty baby bottle and emerges it down into the water. According to EPT, the metaphor would most likely be:

When the child identifies a toy as a self-object, the therapist should refer to that toy in the same gender as the child’s gender.

According to EPT, toys that tend to elicit an aggressive response in play therapy should be restricted for the child, when aggression is one of the presenting problems at intake.

The EPT therapist must be alert that a child could be suicidal if the child:

Food is never used in EPT because it detracts the child from being angry and slows the discharge process.

Counter-transferences cannot occur in EPT because adults do not have counter-transferences with children.