Reaching children through play therapy Quiz 3

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Which statement about metaphors is NOT true in EPT?

Regression on the part of the child during EPT means the child has immaturity issues and should be limited to age appropriate toys to express this deficiency.

When a child enters a trauma sequence in EPT, what are three characteristics the play therapist will most likely observe?

Sexual perpetrators are most commonly portrayed as wild animals with a focus on mouth and teeth in children’s play in EPT.

When a child places the therapist in the role of perpetrator:

The child is the director of the play process in EPT.

The intrapsychic energy expressed by a puppet on a child’s hand is greater than when expressed by a plastic toy?

In EPT, the group of toys that could most represent a child’s father would be:

Which group of toys is most likely to represent self-objects for the child in EPT?

The more a toy represents reality, the more therapeutic value it has in helping a child resolve the underlying issue it represents.

A child places a dinosaur, an airplane, and rat puppet in the sand box. The best interpretation for this arrangement is:

The environment the child creates in their play:

In EPT, the theme of death is most symbolic of:

In EPT, the group of toys that could most represent a child’s mother would be:

A ball is considered one of the most basic toys and in EPT represents dynamics of relationships.

Two processes that occur in the Dependency Stage of EPT are:

After each session, the child needs to clean the playroom so that what was symbolically expressed will become more reality oriented and therefore, better integrated.

When a child shoots and kills the bad object in fantasy play; this means the child is learning that killing people in his environment is the best solution.

Sand is the most used expressive item in the playroom.

Safety and sanitation is a primary consideration of toys in the playroom.